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30, Dvyniai, colombia, medellin
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Diamond ring Diamond ring Diamond ring Plush bear a diamond for a diamond
Diamond ring
Realistic Dildo Strawberry flowers for my girl Bouquet of roses Plush bear para mi amor
Diamond Diamond Diamond Diamond Diamond Diamond
Diamond Diamond Diamond Diamond Diamond Diamond
Diamond Diamond Diamond Crown Crown Crown
Crown Crown Diamond Diamond Diamond Diamond
Diamond ring Crown Diamond Crown Crown Diamond
Diamond Crown Diamond Diamond ring Bunny Bed for lovers
Handcuffs Champagne Strawberry Lipstick Heart Chocolate box
Plush bear Strawberry Chocolate box Anal plug Rose Diamond
Plush bear for you! ya no se ponga esas botas :)
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Seksualiniai pomėgiaiBiseksualas
Ūgis>160 cm - 170 cm [5'4" - 5'6"]
Svoris100 - 120 lbs [46 - 55 kg]
KilmėLotynų Amerikos
KalbosIspanų, Anglų
Gimtasis miestas
Intymi šukuosenaNuskusta
Krūtinės dydisDidelė
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It turns me on to masturbate while my lover masturbates and we look at each other with lascivious eyes.

Lo que verdaderamente me exita es un hombre que se tome el tiempo de admirarme que me complaza sexualmente quiero un hombre que piense que este conmigo y quiere darme placer eso es lo que realmente me excita demasiado chico si estas dispuesto a mojarme eres bienvenido
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Hi, I am a very hot, outgoing woman. I like very generous,
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princesakelly norų sąrašas
I've always said the woman who smells good enters heaven
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high heel shoes
high heel shoes
like it
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soy romantica
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Komentarai (42)
You are the light in total are the calm during the are strength that raises me are the love needed to fill one's heart, soul and being. I am grateful to have you in my life.
princesakelly is the most beautiful woman in with world. she is physically and mentally beautiful. she exudes beauty. more than beauty, princesakelly exudes love. i am the luckiest man in the world, lucky to receive such love.
Love has no shape,,,,,,Love is invisible,,,,,But there is love,,,,,I will show love someday,,,,,,I hope you always smile,,,
Tu eres perfecto. One mind, one heart, one soul. Team KS!
The world is a much better place because you are in it. Your love fills my heart and soul, Your beauty is beyond description. Your big baby!
Your beauty is only surpassed by the love you share with a very special person.
I had a dream It was awakened by your voice on a warm morning And he kissed me very gently,,,,,,,And when I woke up I thought,,,,,,,,I want to see you,,,,,,,And today the sky is blue and clean
You're always next to me,,,,,,,I'm next to you,,,,,Alone in this world,,,,,,,I’m always with you,,,,,,love u
I gave this world another treasure,,,It's a treasure called kelly,,,I will cherish it forever,,,愛してるよ,
We were destined to meet,,,So I'm here,,,I love you kiss